Theatre Masterclass - Laban Movement Analysis

Event By : Theatre Guild of Ancon

Saturday, 23 March, 2019
Starts at 11:00am

Theatre Guild of Ancon, Panama City, Panama

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Theatre-maker, Artistic Director of three companies, co-founder of Improv8 and former Guildie (always a Guildie) Varoon P Anand in association with the Theatre Guild of Ancon invite you to a series of workshops for actors, writers, directors or any artist. The focus of the four workshop is to go from a practitioner to a creator, an actor to a performer, a theatre director to a deviser. This is the first workshop:

Laban Movement Analysis – Advanced Characterization for Actors
How do I stop making every character I play move like I do everyday? How can I get into character quickly and, even if I’m distracted, how do I get back into it?

Begin thinking of building a character looking at:
1. Direction
2. Weight
3. Speed
4. Flow.

Then break these down further into Eight Efforts. Varoon will introduce a process to you that gets you thinking about different ways to move. Then with every character you play, you will have a different vocabulary to draw on.

Background on Laban Movement: Laban is named after Rudolf von Laban, who was a movement theorist, a choreographer and a dancer. He is considered a pioneer of modern dance. For a long time Laban movement was primarily used for dancers and dance choreography to discover new ways to move. In the 80s and 90s, it began being used to help actors and improve performances.

Special Instructions: Please carry a bottle of water. Wear loose comfortable clothing (NO JEANS). Bring a snack. Please make the trainer aware of any physical conditions that might hamper your movement before signing up. This is a physical workshop where co-actors will be lifting, carrying and moving in tandem with elements of contact improv. If you are at all uncomfortable with physical contact with other actors or any special requirements please let the trainer know before signing up.

For More Info:
Phone: 6862-3489
WhatsApp: +919810729586


Price: $55 (Discounts available for Guild Members and for booking all 4 workshops)
Dates: Saturday, March 23rd an Sunday, March 24th, 4 hour sessions.
Timing: 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Duration: 8 hours over two sessions, Saturday and Sunday

There are 3 more workshops!
Space / Object Improv
Intro to Physical Theatre & Ensemble
Directing Masterclass - Build a Production End to End

Special Discount for Guild Members!
Special Discount if you sign up for all 4 workshops!

About Varoon P. Anand:
Varoon P. Anand started his career with the Theatre Guild of Ancón in 2006. He was the Director of Productions for the 2009 season, and served on the Board of Governors. From 2011 to the present, he has worked in India and is currently the Artistic Director of Kaivalya Plays, a non-profit dedicated to creating more opportunities for women in theatre and mentoring new talent; CueLess Improv, Delh's most experienced and prolific improv troupe; and El Clavileño, Instituto Cervantes' New Delhi's Spanish language theatre group. Varoon was also Principal Correspondent with India's largest newsmagazine from 2011-2014, a producer and anchor for Digit magazine from 2014-2015, a financial analyst with Copa Airlines in 2003, and is a trained applied economist, Varoon is also a co-founder of Improv8, the present Cultural Manger of the Instituto Cervantes New Delhi, and a Spanish professor with the Cervantes Institute. As a director, writer and producer Varoon has collaborated with the Theatre Guild of Ancon, Habitat World, India Habitat Centre, Embajada de la República Argentina en India / Embassy of Argentina in India, Instituto Cervantes Nueva Delhi, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan New Delhi, Times Internet and many more. Varoon is the recipient of multiple awards for acting (Best Actor Short+Sweet 2012), directing (48 Hour Film Festival, 2013), writing (48 Hour Film Project, 2014), and was selected to the inaugural Refunction programme where he presented the improv-mental health show Unravel.

Press about Varoon P. Anand:
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When & Where

Theatre Masterclass - Laban Movement Analysis
  • Theatre Guild of Ancon, Panama City, Panama
  • Saturday,March 23,2019 from 11:00am to 3:00pm
Theatre Guild of Ancon