Benefits of Using MiEventos

The Benefits of using Mi Eventos

Compared to other Ticketing options in Panama.



Other Providers 
 Online Sales
 Assigned Seating
 Create Your Event in 5m
 Check-In App
 Online Registration Forms
 Receive Cash Payments Online
 Receive Crypto Payments Online
 Create Private Events
 Create Free Ticketed Events
 Live Help
 Datebase of your Attendees
 Payment Locations 850+ 26
 Promoter Costs Free Upto $0.50 x Ticket


Mieventos also offers the following benefits:

  • Set minimum and maximum limitations on the amount of tickets to be sold per transaction
  • Set start and end date of a specific ticket type, for example: Pre-Sale or Early Bird Tickets
  • Create your own discount codes by a set amount or percentage of the ticket price
  • Create non-profit events to recieve donations
  • For each ticket sold, you have direct access to your attendees date base. Name, email y telephone number to reach out to your attendees for future events.. is your best option to create, manage and promote your next event in Panama. Our platform was designed with the promoter and attendee in mind. Completely user friendly, simple to use with a host of multiple functions.

We are not promtores, which may cause a conflict of interest.

It's simple. Create your free account; create your event and that's all. Start your ticket sales in minutes.

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