How do I Pay in Cash?

How do I Pay in Cash?

If you do not have a debit or credit card (Visa or MasterCard), you may still purchase tickets in cash. 


 1. Download the Paguelo Facil APP.


 2. Find the nearest Punto Pago kiosk.

Map of Punto Pago Kiosks

 3. Find the Paguelo Facil button and enter your cellular number of which you registerd in the app.

 4. Deposit your desired amount. The amount must be equal to or greater than the total ticket price.

 5. The funds deposited will be instantly credited to your digital wallet balance in Paguelo Facil.

 6. Go to the event page and select your ticket. Choose "Pay in APP" button.


 7. Complete the checkout on your Paguelo Facil wallet

 8. Your tickets will be emailed to you instantly.