What it Costs?


Using MiEventos.com is free unless you have a Paid or Donation ticketed event. We only charge if you sell through our site.

Our commisiones are 5.00% + $1.00 per successful transaction for paid and donation tickets only.

As a promoter, you may choose whether to absorb the fees or pass on the fees to your customer. Below are the two examples if each ticket cost is $10.00.


If you choose to - Absorb Fees

Organizer Pays the Fees

Ticket Cost $10.00
Organizer Fee $0.75
You Recieve $9.25


If you choose to - Pass On Fees

Buyer Pays the Fees

Ticket Cost $10.00
Ticket Cost + Fees $10.75
Organizer Fee $0.00
You Recieve $10.00